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Russian internet users and World Crisis

29 May 2009

In April-May of 2009 Direct INFO has finished polling of 2500 internet-users covering the whole regions of Russia. The project is a part of quarterly market research of fixed-line telephony, data transfer, and internet which is carried out by Direct INFO starting from 2005.


Information obtained during the research has shown that internet access has become an inherent part of Russian society. In spite of the fact that current financial and economic crises still exist, the majority of users don’t plan to abandon or limit their internet access from home. About three fourth of respondents have declared that they have not reduced and do not plan to reduce their internet related expenses.
Direct INFO has noticed that similiar studies taken around the world show that internet use demand remains firm in the face of this economic downturn. Likewise, in Russia internet access is becoming as expected as access to electricity and gas.

People are not reducing internet usage in line with their economic pain. People have gotten used having access to the internet and most Russians will rather give up in other areas of life before losing access to the internet. Only 16% respondents in regions and 11% in Moscow have changed internet tariffs downward during the last half year. And if the economy gets worse? Approximately 13% of regional users and 11% of the users from Moscow would reduce internet access to more inexpensive plans in the event of a further decline in the economy. The other 80-something percent would hold the line and keep present levels of internet access regardless, according to the study.

In a similiar survey carried out by Direct INFO in April-May of 2008, the average expense on internet access for metropolitan areas decreased by 7%, and at the same time during last year Moscovites have reduced expenses on cellular communications on 10%. In Russian regions internet expenditures were decreased more significantly than in Moscow – approximately on 18%. Expenses on cellular for regional users were reduced in average on 20%.

The survey has confirmed the fact that large inequality on feasibility access into internet between inhabitants of big cities and regional internet users persists. At comparable expenses of broadband access, average connection speed for users in Moscow is 1,8 times faster than in regions of Russia.

More details on results of research can be requested from Direct INFO. These statistics come from regular studies conducted on behalf of subscribing clients. Customized research can be developed to suit your needs for information on any market or competitor in Russia and the CIS states.

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