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Telecommunication services for children in Russia

November 20, 2013.
One of the fastest growing segments of the telecommunications industry is the so-called children's telecom. It is dedicated to him and our market research

Children Telecom is mobile and fixed telephony , and Internet access services using mobile and fixed broadband services for children ( children's online ) . Already, this market is a few tens of billions of rubles, and growing at a rate in excess of the industry average . The total potential customer base of telecommunications services for children is about 14 million children , or 10 % of Russia's population. This study is the first research project to assess the size of the market for telecommunications services in Russia and minors giving a detailed description thereof .

The report includes three sections. The first section describes the market of telecommunication services for children abroad. Provides general information about the market size and the main directions of its development, the penetration of services , demand, and the basic requirements of the users, offers telecommunications services for children with the world's leading operators. The section also presents data on the state regulation of child Telecom ( Children's Internet ) and use of telecommunication devices (including mobile phones ) children abroad.

In the second section of the report discussed in detail the market of telecommunication services for children in Russia . This section contains information about the penetration of basic services among children by age and region , the size of the potential customer base, market volume in terms of money and the number of devices , ARPU, offers leading Russian operators , children use the Internet and various types teleofnii children, legislative regulation in this area and other information. This section also includes a market forecast telecom child until 2020.

In the third part of the report presents the results of a survey on the use of telecommunication services children made ​​" Direct INFO " in October 2013. Participated in the poll of 1.5 thousand people from various regions of Russia. Data on the use of telecommunication services children ( children's online and mobile / fixed telephony , as well as restrictions imposed on these services by parents and other information) contained in the regional and age breakdown . In the section " Methodology" describes the sources of information used by the specialists of " Direct INFO " for this report . Annexed to the report is a profile on which the survey was conducted , the results of which are presented in Part 3 of the study.

This brief presentation shows some results of a survey on the use of telecommunication services children ( child of the Internet, children's fixed and mobile ) . For complete information on the report and its purchase you can contact the Direct INFO .

Executive Summary of the research results



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