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""Smart House" - a marketing research of the Russian market: current state and development forecast

January 10, 2014.
Our company has completed market research dedicated to the market of automation systems "Smart House"


The Russian market of home automation systems and automation of small offices "smart home" ( hereinafter briefly - " smart house " ) in recent years rapidly developing and growing. Fact active growth consistent with the general trends of developed markets , but the current market growth "smart home" in Russia significantly above the world average . By the end of 2012 the market growth rate "smart home" totaled 25.6% . Listed by product groups according to the estimate of Direct INFO market volume "smart home" exceeded 56 million euros in the price of producer ( excluding extra charges for dealers only for equipment , excluding the cost of work on the installation of systems . Given the market size "smart home" does not include the amounts sales office and home multimedia systems ) or 2.3 billion rubles. In 2013, according to preliminary estimates the market for "smart home" is 65 million euros , or nearly 3 billion rubles, or about 130% from 2012 figures . In the coming years, despite the economic crisis will continue to actively develop the market . By 2017, the total market for "smart home" can reach 176 million euros, or 7.9 billion rubles. Over five years, the market size can grow more than three times compared to the level in 2012 (it is important to note that the forecast is built on the assumption that a crisis or default in the Russian economy will not happen ) .

An important trend in recent years has become an active transition of user interfaces to control " smart home " on the mobile platform. The future of this area looks like in Russia , based on the depth of penetration of mobile phones and a huge number of mobile users, very promising. Trend " mobilization " of automation will continue in coming years. With the advent of the "Internet of things" and many things will change in the market of "smart homes and offices ." In general , the Russian market "smart home" can be described as formed , but is in the beginning of his " conscious " development ( position " low start " ) . According to experts (more than 30 representatives of market players - producers , distributors and system integrators ) predicted that in the next five years the Russian market of automation systems , " smart home " will grow with an average rate of 24% per year . Market growth "smart home" will contribute primarily an increase in electricity tariffs , which will be about 7.5 % - 14 % per year. Also among government initiatives that promote the future growth of the market as "smart home" as a whole and its individual segments , we can note discussed the introduction of social norms of consumption of electricity for the population and restrictions on power consumption for businesses .
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