Маркетинговые исследования и анализ рынков от компании Директ ИНФО - 37% of Russians have never used the internet
37% of Russians have never used the internet

Треть россиян никогда не пользовалась Интернетом, фото oriaktiv.com

According to market research more than a third of Russians have never used the internet.

Exact number according to the survey is 37 %. Pollsters interviewed more than a thousand respondents in 180 settlements of the Russian Federation , that is, this number includes both residents of cities and villages. All respondents - more than eighteen years. Results of the survey are striking - as much as 37 percent of Russian citizens have never in my life did not use Internetom.Pochti half of respondents use the Internet on the day of the survey. Nine percent are connected to the network at least once a week. Respondents who are Internet users , but do it at least once a week were less than five percent. Twenty-one percent of respondents said that they do not have access to the network and the desire to go to the Internet. Seven percent of the population is not possible to use the Internet, but they want to get it. The same percentage of respondents have access to the network , but does not use it . While forty percent of Russian citizens are aware of the presence of e-government services , and the forty- three percent would like to use them. Never heard of state services on the Internet only eleven percent of the citizens . Among active Internet users know about the State Services fifty nine percent of those surveyed , and first heard twenty-eight percent . Recall, according to the level of access to information technologies Russia is in the top third ranking ( 48th place out of 159 countries ) , and this is the best result among the CIS countries. The growth rate superior to Western . In the winter of 2012-2013 at least once a month using the Internet , 64.4 million people 18 years and older . Evaluating these data should be borne in mind that among the owners of home computers in Russia only 19 percent of citizens . According to Direct INFO spring 2014 the penetration rate of fixed broadband Internet access by households reached in Moscow 88.6 percent or 3.9 million . Compared with the year 2013 the market grew by only 2 percent, which reflects its full saturation . A different situation is stored in Russia , where the penetration rate for households approached by the results of 2013 to 50 percent , or nearly 30 million households.

"VЕК", april 2014


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