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Market research VPN: current situation, trends

December 10, 2014.
The next stage of the regular market research VPN and leased line services in Russia and the World


 Regular report Direct INFO beyond 2004. This update was prepared in October 2014 and provides a general analysis of the situation at the moment on the market VPN and leased line services in Russia? And abroad. Over the years, the market for virtual private networks is one of the fastest growing data services. On the world market is due to the migration from other data transmission technologies for MPLS VPN L3 and L2, the market growth of enterprise applications to work together, as well as the use of this technology in cloud solutions for secure remote access with guaranteed quality parameters of corporate users in private clouds. Market growth method exists, the use of virtual private networks on the operator market (in particular - the construction of the network infrastructure to deploy LTE, as well as the organization of high-speed connections at speeds of 1 Gbit / c for connections in the data center). In Russia, the main driver of the market is a segment of consumers and the public operator segment. The report contains a detailed analysis of the market interregional managed VPN (MPLS VPN L3 and L2) and leased lines, which run the national telecom operator. Also considered the market intra-VPN and leased lines. ANALYSIS-ruyutsya major market trends abroad, presents data on market size and forecast of its development until 2018, growth drivers, as well as an analysis of the demand for services by consumers, provides information on new areas of service, and in particular services the requirement to provide access to the corporate private clouds. The report also appeared-county information on the Russian market - its volume in volume (number of ports) and in money terms, regional structure of the market structure and by industry sector major customers. We consider separately the market for the state. organizations, provides information on the profile of the consumer services (otras left-ownership and penetration by type of activity and the size of the com pany). The report presents a forecast of the market development of inter-regional councils trolled-VPN and leased line market in terms of money until 2020 and recommendations on the most attractive segments of consumers and service-based VPN.

Selected results of the study


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