Маркетинговые исследования и анализ рынков от компании Директ ИНФО - Ethics of Business and Confidentiality
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Ethics of Business, Confidentiality, Price-Formation Policy

In our work, we rigorously follow the current legislation and ethic norms by researchers of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals. Direct INFO joined this society about 10 years ago.  Our company sticks to Strict Confidentiality Policy. This policy provides, if necessary, conclusion of a special agreement “On Confidentiality” irrespectively of possible signing of the contract. Our Price-Formation Policy is also transparent for our clients. Below are detailed these fundamentals of our work.


Rigorous Following Russia’s Legislation

Acting on the territory of the Russian Federation as a legal entity, officially registered in 1998, LLC Direct INFO delivers market research and analysis data in concordance with the current Russian legislation, in particular – the federal laws that regulate granting access to information:

  • Federal Law “On Securities Market”; 

  • Act of the Russian Federation “On Consumer Protection”; 

  • Federal Law “On Advertising”;

  • Federal Law “On Commercial Secret”;

  • Act of the Russian Federation “On Mass Media”;

  • Federal Law “On Accounting”;

  • Federal Law “On Information, Information Technologies and Protection of Information”;

  • Federal Law “On Protection of Rights and Legal Interests of Investors on Securities Market”;

  • Other laws of the Russian Federation that regulate granting access to information related to a certain market or company.


Ethics of Business

Being a member of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, we are obliged (according to the Charter) to adhere to the ethic norms accepted in this professional society.

Basic Principles:

  • Raising the level of acknowledgement and respect for the profession

  • Following international and Russia’s legislation

  • Collecting reliable information in the course of surveys

  • Understanding  requests related to information confidentiality

  • Excluding any conflicts of interests in the course of our work

  • Providing reasoned and true recommendations and conclusions

  • Strict following the objectives, priority-driven directions and regulations of our company

Direct INFO will always:

  • Provide results intended for their further use

  • Stick to a transparent strategy 

  • Take actions as your partner

Direct INFO will never: 

  • Take into consideration “invalid data” or “deductive rationalization”

  • Provide research results with an aim to create a certain image

  • Stick to an incorrect strategy 

  • Take actions as your competitor.



Direct INFO guarantees strict confidentiality in collaboration with our clients. This is supported by signing mutual agreements that provide exchanging of necessary information.
Taking into consideration our clients’ interests, Direct INFO concludes a mutual agreement on strict confidentiality in relation to the information and materials connected with both preliminary enquiries and current and fulfilled research projects. The present agreement is important for both parties.
A client can monitor our resources and methods. Direct INFO knows what its clients need and delivers its services according to the requirements. Responsibility for confidentiality should be mutual in order to achieve the best results and promote our successful long-term collaboration. However, we guarantee confidentiality of your information on default, without any additional agreements, as an integral part of our Charter. Our clients can be fully and completely sure of confidentiality irrespectively of signing any agreement. Secrets of transactions and operations, strategy and other confidential issues related to shareholders and management are not disclosed in concordance with a mutual agreement.


Price-Formation Policy

Our prices are set on basis of costs of works performed allowing for their complexity and detail of  results. On the one hand, in our company price-formation process is driven by our desire to win as a big share of the market as possible and satisfy every our client. On the other hand, we would like to provide high-quality results and services with the help of our experienced and motivated personnel. Since the times of our first offer Direct INFO has tried to combine the best quality and  reasonable prices.  We feel grateful to our staff doing their best to optimize so many organizational processes that enables reaching high-quality level, expanding our information resources and reducing periods of execution of works. We also thank our clients for their suggestions and support. .


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